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Nabaanwannagum Group Co., Ltd.


Nabaanwannagum Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 and has growth in publishing business with its origin in the publication of best sellers of Thai fictions, novels and literatures in the name of Nabaanwannagum Publishing  ( For a long journey of being a publisher focusing on these, they can be trusted from Thai legendary authors as Thamayantee, Bhutesuan and National artists of Thailand (Phanomthein – National Artist of Thailand 1997 in branch of Literary) to publish their origin works.


More than 100 Thai novels and fictions published by Nabaanwannagum Publishing have been welcomed all level of Thai readers. Many titles have been selected for TV series and movies such as Khoo Karma. Undoubtedly, Nabaanwannagum will be an important player in book market in Thailand especially novel books because many book stores in Thailand need books published by Nabaanwannagum to be on their shelves. They have good relationship with powerful distributors in Thailand so we have attractive selling areas in many channels covered around Thailand.


With the continuious company growth and good feedback of Thai readers, they launched Yayee-Yajai Publishing (, the segment of younger readers in late 2004 and have been well responded. It's very interesting for new authors to publish their origin works. Another mission of Nabaanwannagum is to support new bloods in literary world. It's useful for all parties – readers, publishers, book markets, and societies.



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